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Nina Zandnia

Nina Zadnia one of the MIddle East’s leading TV personalities and style influencers and the author of the notable Lifestyle-Dubai blog. As a natural style aficionado who has lived in various cities from Stockholm, to New York, Sydney and Dubai, it has always been Nina’s passion to share her style with her followers, friends and family, helping shine light on all that is new and up-and-coming. As an accomplished career woman, Nina, with her creativeideas and designs will help women achieve their goal of looking their best, day or night.


Each of the collections are designed to showcase Nina’s European sensibility infused with her aristocratic Persian heritage with her family coming from the Zand Dynasty era. The vision is to pay homage to and reinterpret the timeless allure of the females in Nina’s family, using their legacy as a way to embrace the future in a contemporary way and one that was free of nostalgia. The collections are executed with the use of seductive colours mixed with different fabrics and textures and most importantly, an overall commitment to quality and precision of cut.